Beauty as guidance and an imaginative power
Crafting data generated art and experience to capture a language that speaks to the imagination.

Always i’ve been inspired by to what we can feel inside. In my antropological studies I grew an interest in humanism as i felt that something underlying is what connects us all.¬† In all differences that we can hold we have a sense of feeling and experiencing the world around us. In those experiences something inside us is being moved. I felt more and more an urge to futher investigate and experiment within the visual art of what it is that triggers this feelings and experiences.

Trough the years diving further and deeper into the visual arts  i found in generative art by code and data a new tool to give life to my works. Defined by a set of rules the works come alive and take their own course.

Daan Kars

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Touch Designer

My main weapon is Touch Designer, its great for prototyping new instalations. Great for data handeling and custom interfaces and generative visuals.


For sensor reading arduino is they way, light waight micro-controllor for all your sensors


I find the pyhton coding particulary usefull in combination with rasberry pi or micro controllers for projects that have a longer development time. It gives an elegant solution to handling tech in instalations


I started with vdmx, and i still turn back to it if freestyle is needed.


B-Seite | Freemote | Patchlab | Robot | LPM | Amber | MovingBuildings | Luminous | Verona Risuona | Oddstream | Lowlands | Fiber | Cross-Culture | Amaze | Symposion Gorichem | Eufonic

Commisioned works:

European Youth Olympic Games | Vrede van Utrecht | Tour de France | Rabobank | Eneco


University of UtrechtBACHELOR OF Antropology 2004

I started my studies in Antropology with a minor in Philososy. My main subjects were Multicultural and Hybrid society along side Utopian Thinking and practice.


SAE 2006Certificates audio production && audiovisual production

As during my studies in University I discovered  communication through the means audiovisual products. So i decided to develop my skills more technically.


Hogeschool voor de Kunsten UtrechtBACHELOR in Digital Video Design 2012

In the School of Arts in Utrecht, i developt a more Artistic sense to the whole project. Facinated by expanded cinema, projections in public space and realtime based media.